Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's going on at Useless Trivia

Before I get started, a quick disclaimer: I do not write to offend, so I want to make sure and note that everything written on here is solely my opinion.

Now then, I thought I'd give a guide to what may be popping up on the blog:

-Useless Trivia Presents: an original short story by me

- Ask Useless Trivia: questions I've heard from people, or have been emailed

- Joke Of The Day: either a joke I came up with, or one I've heard from someone else

- Hypothetically Speaking: how I would write something, either a movie, TV show, etc.

- Useless Trivia Hall Of Fame: celebrities I admire, and the reasons why

- Useless Trivia Movie Review: my thoughts on movies, complete with rating system

- Random Thought Of The Day: self-explanatory

-  Stuff No One Cares About: weird facts, statistics, etc. I come across while reading or surfing the Internet that I feel the need to share

- Cheap Plug: stuff I like enough to mention and/or link to

- The Top Five: carried over from my Facebook page, top five lists ranging from movie genres to restaurants

That's all for now.

- Bill

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