Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hypothetically Speaking: If I wrote the Avengers movie

While The Avengers is to come out in the next couple of years, since they still have to set the movie up with the Captain America and Thor( and possibly Ant-Man) movies, here are the characters I would include  were I to write the script:

 The Avengers:
Iron Man: original member and leader of the team(at least until Cap shows up), plus often assists the team with funding in the guise of Tony Stark

Thor: Another original member, also the most powerful of the team

Ant-Man: another of the original Avengers; thanks to his inventions, can shrink down to Ant-Man or grow up to 30 feet tall as Giant-Man

The Wasp: rounds out the original team; like Ant-Man, who she's married to, she can shrink to ant-size and  also has a "wasp sting" tazer in both of her gloves

Captain America: discovered by The Avengers after being in suspended animation for decades; leader of the team and its public face

The Hulk: while he accompanies the team on its first mission, he storms off afterward and is replaced by Cap

The Villains:

The Red Skull: Captain America's arch-enemy, and a constant threat to the team

Loki: Thor's evil half-brother, who's almost as powerful

The Mandarin: Iron Man's deadliest enemy; controls a worldwide crime syndicate as well as being quite powerful himself; could be revealed as the mastermind behind Iron Monger and Justin Hammer(from the first two Iron Man movies)

The Space Phantom: weird alien that can imitate others; convinces The Avengers that The Hulk has turned on them, which leads to him leaving the team

Other Characters:

Nick Fury: acts as an advisor to the team, and sends them on missions, including the rescue of Captain America

The Black Widow: Russian spy who assists SHIELD and The Avengers; eventually becomes an Avenger herself(maybe in the sequel)

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