Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Thought Of The Day


Getting a chance to see Allen Toussaint(for free, no less) at the Detroit Jazz Festival yesterday was definitely an unforgettable experience.

He's a singer/pianist/songwriter from New Orleans who's been covered by everyone from The Rolling Stones to Robert Palmer, and whose songs many people have probably heard without identifying him as the writer or singer(remember "Sweet Touch Of Love" from the Axe commercial where the guy turns into chocolate? That's one of his songs, too)

As for the show, it was amazing. He played many of his hits("Mother In Law", "Sweet Touch Of Love", "Workin' In A Coal Mine", and more), and talked with the crowd between every song, but my personal favorite moment came when he noted it was hard for him to describe New Orleans while speaking, so he did it via music - and went into a medley of songs on the piano including "Chopsticks", "Greensleeves", and classical music before concluding it with a great version of "City Of New Orleans".

All that combined with a feeling of rarity for the performance(as he does not tour often, if at all) made it a very special time - plus we stopped at the original Buddy's for dinner afterward(Bonus!).


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